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Multiple charging of iPad devices with aiRack-10

If you have many iPad devices and want to charge them, you can use our aiRack-10 to load parallel 10 devices inside the aiShell case. aiRack-10 can be mounted in a 19" rack or you can use it while standing on a table. You don't need cables for charging. If the iPads are inside our aiShell cases you only need the special charging adapter. Get ready for next generation iPad protection and charging solutions.


Product Note Status Price
aiShell 12.9 aiShell 12.9
242.00 € *
aiShell mini+ black aiShell mini+ black
174.00 € *
aiShell mini+ blue aiShell mini+ blue
174.00 € *
aiShell mini+ olive aiShell mini+ olive
174.00 € *
aiShell mini+ red aiShell mini+ red
174.00 € *
aiShell mini+ white aiShell mini+ white
179.00 € *
aiShell mini+ yellow aiShell mini+ yellow
174.00 € *
aiShell Car Cradle Connector aiShell Car Cradle Connector
Charging connector
59.00 € *
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