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RAM Mount, Holder

RAM Mount Systems, Holder

RAM Mount Systems, Holder

RAM ModuleThe RAM mount System is a cost-efficient way to mount everything in place. By combining various modules, of which only a can be presented here, each user can find just the right holder. This means the case can be fitted an a car, on a motorcycle, forklift, sailing boat, in trucks, at machines or wherever necessary.

In order to securly fix the iPad case (aiShell, Case for iPad) in place, ball-size C RAM mount modules are the mount of choice. Smaller size B modules  can be used for the smaller aiShell - case as long as no particular strong forces occur.

A RAM 202 can be directly screwed onto the back of the case. Lockable modules are also available to prevent unauthorized removal from the case. Alternatively, a RAM 202 can also be attached to the back of the Quick Snapper, so that the case can be removed within a few seconds from its holder.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Product no.: 291080

With the Car Cradle you attach the aiShell with a single click in your vehicle. iPad can be loaded within the case and cradle.

199.00 *
Product no.: 280010

The aiShell can be attached and removed within few seconds from aiShell Air Quick Snapper. Additional mounts are available here.

64.00 *
Product no.: 303304

RAM-B-202 1.5" diameter rubber ball, flat 2.5" diameter base. It has pre-drilled holes, including the universal AMPs hole pattern.

18.50 *
Product no.: 405200

RAM Double U-Bolt Base with 1.5" Ball for Rails from .75" to 1.25" in Diameter.

30.00 *
Product no.: 303405

The RAM MOUNT RAM modules-201 is an arm, 140mm long, recording with bilateral spherical head.

27.90 *

Temporary not available.

Product no.: 303305
64.95 *

Temporary not available.

Product no.: 303205

RAM-201U-B - Middle size connection element, 9,0cm lenght for C-Ball Modules.

28.50 *
Product no.: 409360

Three-arm suction cup for secure fastening of the iPad on smooth surfaces or panes.

51.00 *
Product no.: 299090

aiRack-10 is our starage and charging solution for aiShell cases. It can be supplied as a rack solution or as a version to stand on a table.

899.00 *
Product no.: 291079

aiShell Car Cradle Connector - the waterproof Charging Connectorfor Car Cradle and aiRack-10. Usage with aiShell mini(+), Air und Pro.

59.00 *
Product no.: 303406

With RAM-KNOB5LU you protect RAM Mount from unauthorized opening.

35.99 *
Product no.: 295011

The aiShell can be attached and removed within few seconds from aiShell Pro 10,5 Quicksnapper. Additional mounts are available here.

64.00 *
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