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Protection against unauthorized opening.

With the special locking screws the cases of the aiShell series can be protected against unauthorized opening. This means that the Apple iPad cannot be removed anymore just by opening the clips. The screws also contribute to the seal. This prevents a situation where a clip opens and causes a drop in pressure on the case seal, even if a serious fall occurs or it is misused. The number of screws varies dependent on the aiShell case.

If you order a screw set, we will send you the correct screw set.

Every set contains 8 screws. A TORX screwdriver (size T6) is required. The screwdriver is not included.


Product Note Status Price
aiShell mini+ black aiShell mini+ black
178.50 € *
aiShell mini+ blue aiShell mini+ blue
178.50 € *
aiShell mini+ olive aiShell mini+ olive
178.50 € *
aiShell mini+ red aiShell mini+ red
178.50 € *
aiShell mini+ white aiShell mini+ white
183.63 € *
aiShell mini+ yellow aiShell mini+ yellow
178.50 € *
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